LEOPARD PRINT BAG, Hair on Hide Black and White,

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LEOPARD PRINT BAG, Polka Dots, Black and White, CowHide Leather Tote, Cowhide Bag, Animal Print, Weekender Bag, Cow Fur Bags, Country girl, CowHide Purse, Genuine Leather, Southwestern, Country, Handbags, Each piece is one of a kind and forever unique.
We hand pick each hide ourselves, selecting only the best pieces for our bags and pre planning the best position to capture the best motif on each hide. Great overnight shopper bag for stylish days, shopping and lunches.
For those of us that love hide hair and leather, this bag has the beauty of the hide hair strategically placed mid center, stunning pieces. Beautiful raw leather and lining free with an attached zippered pouch inside for your valuables in leather and drill. Fill it with everything you need, surprisingly spacious.
Size : Inches 14.2" x 15.6" / Length 36cm X Height 39,5cm

* 100% Hide Hair/ Leather
* We hand pick the best leather hides from the best tanneries in Indonesia
* Miow logo emboss on inside
* Dust bag for storage and protection
* Handmade on the Beautiful Island of the Gods, Bali
* Displayed as Leopard white

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