CowHide Clutch, CowHide Bag, Black White Bag,

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FULL COWHIDE PURSE, CowHide Clutch, CowHide Bag, Black White Bag, Brazillian Pony Hair Bag Hair on Hide Bag. Cowhide Wristlet Purse. Cowboy Country chic. Detachable wristlet too!
Cowhide Leather Handbag. Gift for Mum, Cowgirl Purse, Texas Style, Country Western Style.

The cowhide hair makes each piece unique, no two ever alike.
We hand pick each hide ourselves, selecting only the best pieces for our bags,
and pre-planning the best position to capture the best design on each hide
before we start cutting.

Size : Length 12,5" x 9," / Length 31.8 cm x Height 23 cm

* 100% Leather
* We handpick the best leather hides from the best tanneries in Indonesia
* Miow logo emboss on inside the bag
* Matching cotton drill lining ( faux suede lining available upon request )
* Dust bag for storage and protection
* Handmade on the Beautiful Island of the Gods, Bali
* Displayed as Black White

In More Colors :
Black White :

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